Frequently asked questions

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How can I get started on treatment?

It’s easy, you can either contact us by phone or by email or if possible, you can visit our offices. Once you make contact, you will be provided with a tailor-made program that takes into account your unique needs and circumstances based on screening and assessment outcomes.

What if other people know about my problems?

As an ethical requirement, we provide confidential services based on our agreement with clients. This is done at the commencement of assement and treatment.

I feel stuck in life and I have lost motivation for many things

It is not uncommon to experience stuckness in life. This could be the result of burnout due to work related difficulties, or even stress. In certain circumstances, losing interest in many things could be symptoms of depression. Please check the following (link stress, depression

How do I know if I am suffering from depression?

Nearly everyone has experienced a time when it hardly seems worth the effort to get out of bed, or when the problems they face seem so overwhelming that they’re not sure where to begin. Let’s face it—life can be difficult and depressing. And feeling sad, overwhelmed, guilty, or hopeless is a normal human response during those times. However for some people these feelings could be symptoms of a difference condition: Depression.

Recognizing the Signs Depression
It isn’t always easy to tell when normal reactions to difficult situations (grief, sadness, etc.) have crossed the line towards clinical depression that needs treatment. However, the number of signs or symptoms you are experiencing, along with the duration and frequency you have them are all important. If you have experienced the following symptomsy maybe its time to seek professional help. 

1. Loss of interest in things you normally enjoy
2. Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless
3. Thoughts of death or suicide
4. Feeling worthless or guilty
5. Problems falling asleep, staying asleep, waking too early or sleeping too much
6. Unexplained decrease or increase in appetite, resulting in weight gain or loss within the last month.
7. Trouble thinking, concentrating, remembering, and making decisions
8. Extreme tiredness or lack of energy that interferes with your ability to work or take care of your daily responsibilities
9. Feeling restless, unable to sit still, or abnormally slow when moving

My adolescent is rebellious. How can I help him or her?

Adolescent is a tamultuous stage in life and “rebellion”is a common feature. However, it is important to distinguish “Normal rebellion” from behavior that could be indicative of other underlying emotional and behavioral challenges. Adolescent rebellion could be the result of alcohol and drug use or even other mental conditions. Screening and assessment for drug use and other conditions is therefore important. At IPH we offer massive drug testing as well as assessment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other conditions.

My daughter is suicidal?

Sucidial ideations, plans and attempts should not be taken lightly. Many people with depression experience suicidal impulses of varying degree. Suicide could be a cry for help as a result of overwhelming life circumstances, or it could be a symptom of other underlying conditions. Please get in touch immediately for professional assistance.

Is it possible to stop drinking and using drugs?

Yes, it is possible. However, at times the use of alcohol and some drugs is a symptom of alcoholism or drug addiction. (Please check the link alcohol and drug treatment) or get in touch for professional help.

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