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IntraPersonal Health (IPH) is a Counseling Psychologist and mental health hospital in Nairobi providing holistic solutions to mental health. The organization was formed in 2016 by Wandia Maina and Evans Oloo to work with individuals, corporate, government, and non-governmental institutions.

IPH is made up of committed mental health professionals and medical doctors. Together we strive to create unstoppable momentum toward the goal of improving individual and community health through discovery, clinical and translational science and technology, exceptional education, and patient-centered, innovative, high-quality health care.

Our mission is to heal through offering programs that impact on the individual’s holistic well-being, as well as giving back to society through engaging in philanthropic work.

The organization was formed and specializes in providing holistic solutions to mental health. We work with a group of qualified counseling psychologists, individuals, corporate, government, and non-governmental institutions.


Our mandate is three-fold, preventive, restorative, and educative.


Our mission is to heal through offering programs that impact the individual’s holistic well-being, as well as giving back to society through engaging in philanthropic work.

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Our Values

At IPH, our core institutional values are centered around our commitment to our patients and our role in serving our communities:

  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Trust
  • Professionalism and responsibility
  • Communication

Why Work With Us

Intra Personal Health is committed to delivering personalized solutions to all our clients. We couple the expertise of our team members and their zeal to working with people on the path to actualizing their potential, to build comprehensive healing programs. At IPH we understand the unique nature of human beings and therefore treat all our clients with this respect.

What is a Intra Personal Health?

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What are Intra Personal Health Services?

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Holistic Approach requires a team…

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Wandia Maina

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Clinical Director – IPH

Wandia is a leading Psychologist in Kenya and an avid outdoor enthusiast. Her approach to mental health and wellness is holistic. She is a member of the Kenya Psychologists Association and has over 12 years of experience in the provision of psychotherapy services to individuals, families, and organizations.

Wandia is a Certified Professional Mediator and is a regular resource person for the Law Society of Kenya and FIDA (K).
Beyond working with individuals and families, Wandia has worked with various organizations within Kenya and the region. Some of these engagements have been with MSF- Spain, Healing the Healers, Rumbek- Sudan, Life Assist-South Africa, Kenya National Highway Authority, and the Internal Committee of the Red Cross- Nairobi. Wandia was previously a lecturer of Psychology at Kenyatta University.

Wandia is passionate about the holistic development of the individual and she combines her practice in Psychology with the outdoors which has seen her train and guide different people and organizations to different peaks and summits within Kenya and the world.
Wandia has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Economics and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology


Evans Oloo

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Co-Clinical Director – IPH

Evans Oloo has over 15 years as a practicing Psychologist with a background in Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology.

Previously he was Head of Training at SAPTA (Support for Addictions Prevention and Treatment in Africa), and also a lecturer in psychology and mental health units at Egerton and Daystar Universities Nairobi.

He has also trained other mental health professionals on substance abuse treatment in Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kazakhstan (central Asia), and the Bahamas.

Currently, he is the Co-Clinical Director at Intrapersonal Health Services: dealing with the management of addiction and mental health issues.

He is also the President of the International Society for Substance Abuse Prevention Professionals (ISSUP)-Kenya chapter. ISSUP brings together professionals in the field of addiction prevention and treatment.

He is a resource person for the Law Society of Kenya CPD seminars on Alcoholism / mental disorders and life skills.


Counseling Psychologist


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Counseling Psychologist – IPH

Oscar is a licensed Counseling Psychologist in Nairobi, with a commitment to client work. Oscar has over 5 years of experience working with clients with substance use disorders as well as other mental health challenges. Has previously offered services to The Mind Clinic-NIGERIA, SASADOCTOR- a consulting telemedicine organization, and Modern Health (Kenya).


Counseling Psychologist

Olive Karani

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Counseling Psychologist – IPH

Olive is a Counseling psychologist with an M.A. in Psychology from Daystar University and a member of the Kenya Psychologists Association (KPA). She has a wealth of experience in the provision of psychotherapy to individuals and families.

Her expertise is in couple and marriage therapy as well as youth and adolescent counseling. Olive has worked with clients to address issues associated with anxiety, postpartum depression, interpersonal conflict and loss, and grief. Olive has previously offered her expertise at the Kenyatta teaching and referral hospital. Currently, she is an Associate psychologist at Intrapersonal Health Services.



Diana Walegwa

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Counseling Psychologist – IPH

Diana Walegwa is a seasoned clinical psychologist and mental health advocate in Kenya. Her educational background is in counseling psychology and her postgraduate in clinical psychology at the University of Nairobi. Diana has vast experience working with clients struggling with clinical mental health conditions such as major depression, borderline personality as well as substance use disorders. With over 7 years of experience, Diana has previously offered her services at the Ngara MAT clinic, the Kenya Red Cross, and the Retreat rehabilitation Centre-part of the Chiromo Mental Hospital. Diana Works a lot with children, adolescents, and young adults.


Ingrid Kruiter

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Life coach- IPH

Ingrid Kruiter is a certified NLP Life-Coach and Founder of Open-Hearth Coaching. Ingrid is passionate about supporting you in getting clarity about the next steps to take in your life, and assisting you to improve your personal and interpersonal relationships.

With a background in cultural anthropology, Conflict Studies, and Human Rights, she is also a certified life coach. Ingrid has spent several years in various Latin American countries doing (action) research and working in international development and human rights organizations.

She has facilitated workshops for the past 10 years on various topics ranging from strategic management, network, program strengthening and personal development in countries as diverse as Kyrgyzstan, Honduras, the Netherlands and Kenya. Ingrid is currently an associate at IPH specializing in corporate team-building activities, personal development workshops and life coaching.


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