Counselling Services

Achieve your Goals through an individual tailored treatment Plan

Counseling and Therapy Sessions

Counseling and therapy sessions for persons from all walk of life. We focus on helping clients gain insight into themselves by going through a healing process. This is achieved by clients and therapist exploring past and present issues. This is achieved by use of talk, expressive arts like music and drama. We work with clients Bio- psychosocial and spiritual issues that present as anxiety, depression alcohol and substance use, Insomnia and Anger. After assessment, it is common to find these issues are triggered by underlining issues that have not been dealt with leading one to develop a negative vicious pattern.

Out-patient Addiction Counselling and Treatment

IPH specializes in treating a wide variety of addictions and underlying psychological issues. By treating the whole person and approaching addiction treatment from all angles, our clients are given the opportunity to achieve lasting recovery and return back to health.

The centre provides the following confidential services to clients and patients:
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  • Initial interview and screening;
  • Non invasive drug use testing
  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Recovery monitoring and Support.


Employee Assistance Program

Employee output is to a large extent influenced by the individual’s mental health and therefore Intra Personal Health strives to bring the person’s psychological state to a point of equilibrium, thereby increasing employee output and employee satisfaction.

Employee Assistance Programs are designed to enhance employee and workplace effectiveness through prevention, identification, and resolution of personal and productivity issues.

Employee assistance programs are worksite-based program designed to;

  1. Assist organizations in addressing productivity issues and
  2. Assist employees in identifying and resolving personal concerns.

Monthly Seminars